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Mine intrinsically safe emulsion concentration sensor

Emulsion is called the blood of hydraulic system. The "Coal Mine Safety Regulations" stipulates that the concentration of mining emulsion must be controlled between 3% and 5%. Real-time and accurate monitoring of emulsion concentration is not only a requirement of coal mine production management, but also an important part of an automatic emulsion proportioning system. GND15 Mine Emulsion Concentration Sensor is an on-line concentration measurement instrument based on optical principles. It integrates an optical sensing unit, parameter storage unit, data processing unit and digital communication interface. It is a highly integrated digital online measurement instrument. . The standard RS485 interface can avoid the interference of analog signals during transmission and provide reliable measurement results; the standard MODBUS communication protocol can easily communicate with RTU, PLC, DCS, industrial control computers and other hosts, whether it is an old system upgrade or an The new system design, the digital interface provided by GND15 can realize plug and play. GND15 fully considers the use environment of coal mines and people's requirements for the reliability and stability of online measurement data in the design. It can be well applied to the online monitoring of coal mine emulsion concentration.

It is used to measure the concentration of mining emulsion, and can be used in mines with the danger of gas and coal dust explosion.

The emulsion concentration sensor uses the optical principle, which uses different concentrations of emulsions with different refractive indices for concentration analysis, and directly converts them into digital signals and outputs them through the RS485 interface.

  • Built-in intelligent algorithm provides high-precision measurement results;

  • The optical principle is adopted for detection, and it has good consistency with the manual measurement method.

  • Continuous measurement online to provide reliable real-time data;

  • Automatic temperature compensation, able to adapt to complex working conditions;

  • The standard RS485 / MODBUS interface makes it easy to connect the system.

Measuring performance

The sensor is used in conjunction with supporting equipment to measure the concentration of the emulsion:

Measurement range: 0.0 to 15.0%

Measurement error: ≤0.5%

Digital interface

Number of interfaces: 1

Transmission mode: RS485 interface / ModBus RTU protocol

Transmission rate: 9600 bps

Peak working voltage of communication signal: 2V ~ 10V

Data format: 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, even parity

powered by

Working voltage: DC 12V

Working current: ≤100 mA

Physical properties

Overall dimensions: φ106 × 207mm

Machine weight: about 3.5 kg

Protection level: IP54

Explosion-proof type: Mine intrinsically safe type, marked as "Exib I Mb "

Environmental performance

Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;

Relative humidity: not more than 95% (+ 25 ° C);

Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa ~ 106kPa; Under the coal mine, there are explosion-hazardous environments such as gas and coal dust; places without strong vibration and impact; places without corrosive gases that damage metals and insulating materials