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TNET IoT Water Quality Monitoring System

Tianjian Innovation has specially developed a TNET IoT water quality monitoring system for monitoring applications such as small sewage treatment plants, village and town sewage treatment, and automatic water quality monitoring stations. The system adopts a modular design and reserves powerful expansion functions. When it is necessary to enhance the test point or increase the test parameters, it is only necessary to add a new digital sensor. It is not necessary to purchase the entire system and save a lot of reinstall And the cost of commissioning. The system has the Internet of Things function, and can be easily connected to the data cloud platform. Users can view real-time data and historical data through the WEB browser or mobile phone APP, and implement monitoring and early warning functions. A set of TNETnbsp; system, which can cover all online analytical instruments from the water inlet, biochemical tank, sedimentation tank to the discharge port, test parameters include p H / ORP, conductance, turbidity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, suspended matter concentration, COD / BOD / TOC, ammonia nitrogen, nitrate, etc.

System Features
1. Any combination of more than 10 digital sensors;
2. System upgrade and expansion is very easy, plug and play;
3. Centralized power supply, input voltage 85 ~ 265VAC or 24VDC;
4. Digital signal output, MODBUS RTU;
5. Ethernet interface, Ethernet;
6. 3G / 4G / GPRS wireless connection function;
7. Automatically connect to the data cloud platform;
8. WEB browser view;
9. Mobile APP view;
10. Monitoring and early warning function.