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EDP buoy-type water quality monitoring and early warning station

EDP multi-parameter water quality monitoring buoy is a set of economical water quality monitoring data acquisition platform. It is an intelligent online monitoring system composed of IMP multi-parameter integrated water quality on-line monitor, combining IoT technology, cloud computing technology and solar power technology. It is mainly deployed in coastal waters, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and swamps for long-term monitoring of water quality parameters. This system has the characteristics of automatic continuous online monitoring and early warning, self-cleaning, solar power supply, wireless data transmission, no reagents, unattended, etc. It is very suitable for building an online monitoring and early warning system for water resources.

System Features
1. Water quality monitoring, wireless communication and solar power supply are integrated, which is very convenient to use;
2. The data transmission complies with the Data Transmission Protocol of the Water Resources Monitoring and Management System (SZY206L-2012), and can directly access the national water resources monitoring network
3. Standard Modbus communication protocol;
4. Bluetooth wireless operation and parameter setting;
5. Provide cloud setting, operation, display, alarm, control and data analysis software services;
6. Data can be uploaded to 2 different servers at the same time to provide dual database backup and parallel operation;
7. Provide mobile phone monitoring and operation APP application.

System benefits and advantages
1. Ultra-low power consumption, using solar power, no external power supply required, continuous operation for more than five years;
2. Harsh operating environment, the operating temperature can reach -30 ~ 85 ℃;
3. No installation site restrictions, no need for power supply, no need for switchboards, arresters and signal converters;
4. No need for construction costs such as electricity, telecommunications, network, civil engineering, instrument wiring and writing;
5. Flexible mobile deployment, fast installation and disassembly, saving manpower, suitable for mobile monitoring;
6. Can connect to the Internet and corporate networks.