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MWM Miniature Water Quality Monitoring and Early Warning Station

MWM Micro Water Quality Monitoring Station is a set of water quality with multi-parameter water quality monitor, UV method online organic matter analyzer and electrode method online ammonia nitrogen analyzer as the core, using modern sensor technology, automatic control technology, special data analysis software and communication network. Online automatic monitoring system.

The system integrates a full set of solutions, which are small in size, powerful in function, and low in investment. It is suitable for long-term continuous online monitoring of different water bodies, and saves land acquisition, station building, and personnel costs.

Long-term stability, low maintenance, and low overall cost of ownership; continuous, timely, and accurate monitoring of water quality and changes in the target waters;

Data can be transmitted remotely through communication methods such as GPRS, and real monitoring data can be obtained anytime, anywhere.

● Sturdy stainless steel casing and safe anti-theft design, realizing unattended in the real sense;

● The sample is not subjected to any processing; the measurement data is more authentic and reliable;

● High degree of automation, built-in cleaning function, fewer maintenance cycles and longer stability;

● It is very simple to set up a station, which requires minimal on-site infrastructure and does not need to build any houses;

● No chemical reagents, no secondary pollution, low operating costs.

Monitoring indicators

General five parameters: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, pH, temperature

Organic matter

Ammonia nitrogen