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WMS small water quality monitoring and early warning station

The WMS small water quality monitoring and early warning station uses highly integrated technology to realize the function of an automatic water quality monitoring station in a cabinet. Compared with traditional monitoring station buildings, land acquisition and construction stations are eliminated

Trouble, significantly reducing the cost of building a station, easy to deploy, low maintenance, suitable for large-scale applications such as sponge cities, black and odorous water bodies, and water environment treatment.

The automatic water quality monitoring system consists of air conditioning cabinets, instrument analysis units, water taking units, water distribution units, control systems, data acquisition / processing / transmission systems, and lightning protection equipment. among them

Instrument analysis unit can be composed of multi-parameter analyzer (five parameters plus chlorophyll, blue-green algae), organic matter analyzer, ammonia nitrogen analyzer, total phosphorus analyzer, total nitrogen analyzer,

Sampler and other components; the water sampling system will collect and preprocess the water samples for use by various analytical instruments.

The system's pump valves and auxiliary equipment are controlled by the control system; each instrument's data is collected and processed by the data mining industrial control equipment through the RS232 / 485 interface. System data

Can adopt wired and wireless transmission modes. In order to prevent the effects of lightning strikes, the automatic water quality monitoring system is equipped with comprehensive measures to prevent direct lightning strikes and induced lightning strikes.

Monitoring indicators

● Complete software functions, real-time data can be browsed and downloaded through the cloud platform.

● General five parameters: dissolved oxygen, turbidity, conductivity, pH, temperature

● Organic

● Ammonia nitrogen

● Total phosphorus

● Total nitrogen

● With the detection capacity of large-scale water stations, saving land area;

● The cabinet monitoring station is easy to install and fix, and can be moved as a whole when needed;

● Switch between timing measurement, continuous measurement, and remote command measurement;

● Built-in temperature adjustment can adapt to summer high temperature and winter cold;

● Automatic cleaning and algae removal, longer maintenance cycle and better stability;

● Strong scalability, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen optional;

● Cooperate with cloud software for remote monitoring and maintenance to realize system operation and water quality alarm.