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TAS Automatic Water Sampler

● Inlet and outlet of sewage treatment plant

饮用水、河道、湖泊等 Drinking water, rivers, lakes, etc.

其他各种水质取样点 Other various water quality sampling points

TAS2401 automatic water quality sampler is mainly used for online sampling of pollution sources. 国家环保局发布的 HJ/T 92-2002 《地表水和污水污染 监测技术规范》对采样的要求。 It can collect equal proportion mixed water samples and isochronous mixed water samples to meet the sampling requirements of HJ / T 92-2002 " Technical Specifications for Surface Water and Wastewater Pollution Monitoring " issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration . Compressor refrigeration with freezer. 理厂出水监测以及水质的动态分析等。 Mainly used for environmental protection research units, municipal design units, environmental assessment units and colleges to monitor river sections; drinking water source monitoring; sewage treatment plant effluent monitoring and dynamic analysis of water quality.

管: 内径 10mm ,高强度硅胶管。 Pump tube: 10mm inner diameter , high strength silicone tube. 6m 标准配置); 5~25m 特殊定制) Length 6m ( standard configuration); 5 ~ 25m ( special customization)

增强工程塑料,快速拆装模块组合,电机轴、泵管滚轮架为不锈钢 Pump body structure: reinforced engineering plastics, quick disassembly module combination, motor shaft and pump tube roller frame are stainless steel

8 m Sampling height: 8 m

± 5ml Sampling accuracy: ± 5ml

24 1 升聚乙烯储存瓶 Water storage container: 24 1 liter polyethylene storage bottles

海尔压缩机制冷,冷藏温度 0-8 ℃可调 Water sample preservation: Haier compressor refrigeration, refrigerating temperature : 0-8 ℃ adjustable

± 2 Temperature control error: ± 2

自动采样、手动采样、随机采样可设 Sampling method: automatic sampling, manual sampling, random sampling can be set

50~1000ml ,增量 1ml Sampling settings: 50 ~ 1000ml in 1ml increments

0~2 次任意设定 Automatic flushing: 0 ~ 2 times arbitrarily set

大屏幕( 192 64 点阵)汉字液晶显示器 Operation interface: large screen ( 192'64 dot matrix) Chinese character LCD display

源: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz Power : AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

率: 450W Power : 450W

500 × 560 × 960mm Dimensions: 500 × 560 × 960mm

-5 ~50 Working environment: -5 ~ 50

weight     50Kg Amount: 50Kg