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TMF Thermal Gas Mass Flowmeter

● Water and sewage treatment

Aeration air flow, etc.


Thermal gas mass flowmeter is a new instrument in gas flowmeter. Unlike other gas flowmeters, it does not require pressure and temperature correction, and directly measures the mass flow of gas. A single sensor can measure from very low to high ranges. It is based on the principle that the rate at which a fluid absorbs heat is directly related to mass flow. The moving gas molecules absorb and take away heat when they hit the thermal resistance. The larger the flow rate, the more molecules that contact the thermal resistance, the more absorbed heat. The heat absorption is related to the number of molecules, thermal characteristics and flow characteristics of a certain gas.

Features ● No need for pressure and temperature compensation, direct measurement of gas mass flow;
● High range ratio (greater than 100: 1);
● A flow meter can take into account both small flow and large flow, which is especially suitable for large diameter measurement;
● Can perform leak detection of process pipelines and equipment;
● The construction volume is extremely small. Because of the plug-in structure, only one M20 × 1.5 hole needs to be opened in the pipeline;
● With stop ball valve, convenient for calibration and maintenance;
● Supporting intelligent digital display flow totalizer;
● On-site operation, automatic storage of system data during power failure, preset fault feedback;
● Fast response and high accuracy;
● The base instrument can be displayed on the spot and with alarm control;
● High sensitivity, especially suitable for large diameter and low flow rate flow measurement.

Measurement performance <br /> Measurement range: flow rate 0.5 ~ 100Nm / s standard state is 20 ℃, 101.33KPa
Accuracy: ± 1% or ± 0.5% of reading
Repeatability: ± 0.2%
Stability: 0.1%
Temperature coefficient: 0.05% / ℃
Pressure effect: can be ignored Response speed: 1S

Output <br /> Flow output: isolated 4 ~ 20mA, maximum load 750Ω

Power supply <br /> AC power supply: 85 ~ 265VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz
DC power supply: 24VDC ± 10%

Physical properties <br /> Applicable caliber: Φ15 ~ Φ3000mm The standard state is 20 ℃, 101.33KPa
Applicable medium: gas compatible with stainless steel (H2, O2, etc., including acetylene gas)
Connection method: M20 × 1.5
Straight pipeline: upstream 10D, downstream 5D

Environmental performance <br /> Protection level: IP67 (transmitter) IP68 (sensor)
Explosion-proof grade: Exd II CT4