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TUF Ultrasonic Open Channel Flowmeter

Applications ● Water and wastewater treatment

Inlet channel, outlet channel, etc.

The instrument controls the probe to transmit and receive ultrasound. Change to liquid level (unit: meter) according to the process in the figure. Then check the water level-flow meter to turn the liquid level into a flow (the unit can be: liters / second, or cubic meters / hour).

● The non-contact measurement sensor is not in contact with the fluid and is not affected by the corrosion and fouling of sewage. The sensor has a fully sealed ABS housing, which is resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion, and can operate reliably in a humid environment for a long time.
● Directly measure the level of the flowing water surface directly without using a static well, which can prevent the communication pipe from being blocked by the use of a static well, suspended matter, sediment in the sewage, etc., causing the water level in the static well to be inconsistent with the weir trough , Or due to freezing in winter, forming false liquid levels, resulting in incorrect flow measurement.
● Extensive adaptability Set the instrument parameters through the keyboard, which can be used with various measuring weir troughs. In order to indicate different application conditions such as canals and underground culverts.

Measurement performance <br /> Range: 10L / s ~ 10m3 / s (determined by the specifications of the weir trough)
Cumulative flow: 8 decimal digits, it will return to zero automatically after 8 digits are accumulated, and the liquid level range is re-counted: 0.4 ~ 2m (0.4m from the bottom of the probe is a blind zone, and 0.4 ~ 2m is the ranging range)
Dead zone: 0.4m
Resolution: 0.001m
Accuracy: 5% (1 ~ 3% uncertainty of water weir trough, plus 1 ~ 2% meter measurement error)
Repeatability: 0.1%
Temperature compensation: Automatic temperature compensation display: LCD liquid crystal display date, time, measured value, historical records and other field settings: completed by the transmitter button

Output <br /> Analog output: isolated 4 ~ 20mA, maximum load 500Ω; output content, flow rate and liquid level are optional;
Relay output: single-pole double-throw, closed once every cumulative set m3, liquid level alarm, upper limit, lower limit optional relay capacity: AC250V 1A; DC30V 1A
Digital interface: RS232 / RS485

Power supply <br /> AC power supply: 220V ± 10% 6W (26W when using the meter since it is half-heated)
DC power supply: 12V ± 2V 120mA (when DC power supply, the meter does not have 4 ~ 20mA output and relay action)

Physical properties <br /> Transmitter size: 240 × 160 × 90mm
Sensor size: Φ78 × 435mm
Material: Transmitter: PC Sensor: ABS housing Sensor cable: The meter is originally equipped with 25 meters, and can be extended to 200 meters in the application.
For more than 200 meters, please specify when ordering

Environmental performance <br /> Analog output: Transmitter: IP65 Sensor: IP68
Working temperature: ambient temperature: -20 ℃ ~ 55 ℃