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TRL radar water level gauge

● Automatic monitoring of river water level, open channel water level and seawater tide level in the irrigation area ● Pressure tower (well) water level monitoring ● Water level monitoring in front of the reservoir dam and below the dam ● Urban water supply and drainage level monitoring ● Mountain flood warning, flood condition warning, water condition monitoring

The high-frequency microwave pulse emits a narrower microwave pulse, which is transmitted downward through the antenna. After the microwave contacts the surface of the measured medium, it is reflected back, accepted by the antenna system again and transmitted to the electronic circuit part, and automatically converted into a water level signal.

Note: When using radar water level timing, make sure that the highest water level cannot enter the measurement blind zone.

● Transmission frequency up to 26GHz;
● Non-contact measurement, no wear, no pollution;
● Small antenna size, easy to install;
● The beam angle is small and the energy is concentrated. While enhancing the echo capability, it is also beneficial to avoid interference.
● Hardly affected by corrosion and foam;
● It is hardly affected by the changes of water vapor, temperature and pressure in the atmosphere;
● High signal-to-noise ratio, even better performance under fluctuations.

Measurement performance <br /> Range: 0 ~ 30m, 0 ~ 70m
Resolution: 0.001m
Measurement accuracy: 0 ~ 30m: ± 3mm 0 ~ 70m: ± 10mm
Beam angle: 8 ° (30m range) 6 ° (70m range)
Measurement interval: 1s, adjustable

Output <br /> Analog output: 4 ~ 20mA
Digital output: RS485 / modbus protocol

Power supply <br /> Two-wire system: 16 ~ 36VDC, 22.5mA
Four-wire system: 24VDC / 220VAC, 1VA

Physical properties <br /> Process connection: Thread G1 1 / 2A
Antenna Material: Stainless Steel Housing Material: Aluminum Housing Window: Polycarbonate Weight: 1.0kg (30m range) 3.0kg (70m range)

Environmental performance <br /> Process temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 100 ℃
Working pressure: atmospheric relative humidity: <95%
Vibration resistance: mechanical vibration 10m / s2, 10 ~ 150Hz