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DCD Digital Conductivity Meter

Water supply to the water plant

Surface water monitoring

Seawater conductivity or salinity measurement

Influent from sewage treatment plant

● Digital sensor, obviously improve the anti-interference ability of the sensor. Increasing the sensor cable to hundreds of meters in length can still ensure high-precision measurements;

● Sensor plug and play, the system automatically recognizes and supports multi-channel measurement;

● Multi-frequency measurement, digital filtering technology can adapt to the application of different occasions;

● Automatic range switching;

● The transmitter can provide isolated RS232 / RS485 digital interface and support communication protocols such as MODBUS;

● Programmable relay output: Any relay can be set to high alarm, low alarm, timer mode;

● It has the function of automatic saving of historical data, which can store historical data information for 10 years.

Measuring performance

Range: 0 ~ 100ms / cm

Resolution: 0.1μs / cm, 1μs / cm, 10μs / cm

Accuracy: 0-2000μs / cm: ± 1% ± 10μs / cm

0-20ms / cm: ± 1% ± 100μs / cm

0-100ms / cm: ± 1% ± 1ms / cm

Temperature compensation: automatic temperature compensation (0 ~ 60 ℃) user programmable

Calibration: Factory calibration, can be calibrated on site

Display: LCD display date, time, measured value, historical trend line, etc., Chinese and English operation menu is optional

Data storage: automatic storage function, power failure data protection, can store and query 10 years of historical data


Analog output: Isolated 4 ~ 20mA, maximum load 750Ω, optional output current in fault state

Relay output: 3 programmable relays, which can be set as alarm function and timing function

Relay capacity: 2A, 250VAC

Digital interface: MODBUS RS232 / RS485, Profibus DP optional

Field setting: done by the transmitter button

powered by

AC power supply: 85 ~ 265VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz

DC power supply: 24VDC ± 10%