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TMS Pipe Network Multi-Parameter Analyzer

Tianjian Innovation has developed an integrated multi-parameter water quality analyzer TMS with high integration, convenient installation and simple maintenance for the water quality monitoring application market at the end of the pipe network. The main measurement parameters are: turbidity, residual chlorine, pH, ORP, temperature and conductance.

● Turbidity
Particles suspended and colloidal in the water cause turbidity in the originally colorless and transparent water. Turbidity is a characterization of the degree of turbidity, and it is also the most sensitive and direct evaluation index of human senses to water quality. Decreased turbidity not only reduces the suspended matter content in the water, but also reduces bacteria, coliforms, viruses, two insects, and iron and manganese in the water. It is a vital water quality indicator in water treatment.
● Free chlorine
Chlorine is usually used for disinfection in feedwater treatment, and the residual chlorine is a characterization of the disinfectant content. The concentration of the disinfectant is too small to ensure the subsequent disinfection ability and the final disinfection effect. The concentration of the disinfectant is too high to cause harm to the human body. Moderate disinfectant concentration control is an important guarantee for safe water supply.
● pH
A lower p H value will cause the release of iron in the pipeline, which will cause the iron content in the pipe network to increase. The significance of maintaining the chemical stability of the water is to control the pipe network corrosion, control the iron content, and avoid the "red water" phenomenon.

1. Highly integrated, all sensors and display transmission units are integrated in one box;
2. Simple installation, wall-mounted installation, the installed clips are separated from the cabinet, and the installation is convenient;
3. Easy maintenance, using reagent-free sensors;
4. Low operating cost, water extraction can save 40% ~ 60% than split equipment;
5. Intelligent self-diagnosis, the instrument has self-diagnostic functions such as water shortage, water leakage, low voltage, etc., which can remotely diagnose and set parameters, and can manage permissions according to different users;
6. Historical data record and query;
7. Record and query alarm information.

Technical Parameters



Free chlorine



Measurement principle

90 ° light scattering method

Clark electrode method

Glass electrode

Four-electrode electrode method


0.000 ~ 10.000NTU

0.01 ~ 2.00ppm

0.01 ~ 5.00ppm

0.0 ~ 14.0pH

0 ~ 100.00mS / cm




0.1℃ 0.01pH , 0.1 ℃

1μS / cm


5% 或± 0.015NTU ,取绝度值较大者 ± 5% of reading or ± 0.015 NTU , whichever is greater

2% 或± 0.02mg/L ,取绝度值较大者 ± 2% or ± 0.02mg / L , whichever is greater

0.1pH ± 0.1pH

1% ± 1%

System parameters


GPRS wireless network transmission (optional)

Mechanical index

Installation method



Process connection

1/4 1 Water sample inlet: 1/4 1

1/4 1 Water sample discharge port: 1/4 1

4~20mA 8 路继电器 8 way 4 ~ 20mA , 8 way relay


300mm * 450mm * 600mm

powered by

AC power

85 ~ 265VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz

Environmental indicators

Water sample temperature

5 ~ 40 ℃

Water sample pressure

0.15 ~ 4bar