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TEM online total nitrogen analyzer

● Water inlets and outlets of sewage plants and waterworks ● Sewage outlets of various enterprises ● Lake and river water quality monitoring stations

Total nitrogen refers to the nitrogen content of soluble and suspended particles, including nitrite nitrogen, nitrate nitrogen, inorganic ammonia salts, dissolved ammonia, and nitrogen in most organic nitrogen-containing compounds in water. When lakes and reservoirs contain excessive amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus, phytoplankton reproduce vigorously and become eutrophic. Therefore, eutrophication caused by total nitrogen has become a major global environmental problem that countries around the world attach great importance to, and total nitrogen has also become one of the important indicators for controlling water quality. The measurement method of this instrument mainly uses basic potassium persulfate digestion UV spectrophotometry.

Persulfate can oxidize nitrides that have been digested at high temperature to nitrate ions. Under acidic conditions, this change can be measured by UV absorption spectrophotometry, and the effect of turbidity can be modified. Total nitrogen can be obtained by calculation. content.

● The measurement method of this instrument conforms to the method of national standard GB11894-89, and has a good correlation with laboratory analysis;
● UV digestion, dual optical path measurement, novel structure, stable and reliable instrument;
● Low chemical consumption and no secondary pollution;
● PLC control, high reliability and strong anti-interference ability;
● Intelligent fault self-diagnosis function, easy to manage and maintain the instrument;
● Power-off protection design, with automatic data recovery function after power-off;
● It has the alarm function of exceeding the standard, which can be used in conjunction with the sampler to achieve sample retention beyond the standard;
● With network function, data sharing and remote control can be realized through the network platform;
● Equipped with a micro printer, which is convenient for permanent data storage.

Measuring performance <br /> Measuring range: 0 ~ 5mg / L; 0 ~ 25mg / L; 0 ~ 100mg / L The measuring accuracy can be extended according to user requirements: ± 10%
Zero drift: ± 5%
Range drift: ± 5%
Detection limit: 0.1mg / L
Measurement cycle: The minimum measurement cycle is 35min
Reagent consumption: 1.2 ml / time / reagent calibration: with online automatic calibration function. Automatic cleaning: the instrument automatically cleans the pipeline after each measurement. Data storage: 500,000 historical data storage (full data record for more than ten years)
Data protection: data will not be lost when abnormal alarm and power failure. Display: touch screen display and instruction input

Output <br /> Interface output: Standard configuration: RS232 / RS485, two 4-20mA;
Optional: wireless IoT interface, linkage control interface

Power supply <br /> AC power supply: 220 ± 22VAC, 50 ± 2.5Hz
Instrument power: average daily 50W; peak value <300W

Physical properties

Size: 420 × 600 × 250mm

Environmental performance

Environmental requirements: 5 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity 80%, no condensation and condensation

External water sample: Pressure: -10 ~ + 2KPa;

Velocity: -1.0 to 0.5m / s;

Temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃