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TEM online COD analyzer

● Water inlets and outlets of sewage plants and waterworks ● Sewage outlets of various enterprises

Water, potassium dichromate digestion solution, silver sulfate solution (addition of silver sulfate as a catalyst can more effectively oxidize linear fatty compounds), and a mixture of concentrated sulfuric acid is heated to 165 ° C. After the color changes, the analyzer detects this color change and converts this change into a COD value and outputs it. The amount of dichromate ion consumed is equivalent to the amount of oxidizable organic matter. The main interference during the measurement is chloride or chloride, which can be removed by adding mercury sulfate to the water sample.

● It adopts the dichromate method specified in the national standard (GB11914-89), which has high accuracy and good stability, and has a good correlation with manual analysis;
● Unique structure design, with lower failure rate, lower maintenance, lower reagent consumption and higher cost performance; ● The instrument has strong anti-chloride interference ability, and can directly detect the chloride ion content up to 10000mg / Water sample of L;
● Unique valve assembly and flexible switching of multiple channels, which makes the equipment easy to maintain and have a long life.
● The precise optical system realizes the precise measurement of reagents, overcomes the quantitative error caused by the wear of peristaltic pumps and pump tubes, and achieves the accurate quantification of trace reagents, greatly reducing the amount of reagents used
● The closed high temperature and high pressure digestion system not only speeds up the reaction process, but also overcomes the corrosion of the equipment by the volatilization of corrosive gases in the open systems of other similar equipment;
● Power-off data protection to ensure that the instrument system data is not damaged and data records are not lost;
● Multiple signal output interfaces to meet different access requirements;
● It has the alarm function of exceeding the standard, which can be used in conjunction with the sampler to achieve sample retention beyond the standard;
● With network function, data sharing and remote control can be realized through the network platform;
● Equipped with a micro printer, which is convenient for permanent data storage.

Measurement performance <br /> Measurement range: 0 ~ 200mg / L; 0 ~ 600mg / L; 0 ~ 1200mg / L;
Can be expanded to 5000mg / L according to user requirements
Measurement accuracy: ± 3mg / L (COD <30mg / L); ± 10% (30mg / L≤COD < 100mg / L); ± 8% (COD ≥ 100mg / L)
Detection limit: 3mg / L
Zero drift: ± 5mg / L
Span drift: ± 5% FS
Measurement cycle: the minimum measurement cycle is 25 minutes
Calibration: With online automatic calibration function Automatic cleaning: The instrument automatically cleans the pipeline after each measurement Reagent consumption: 0.65 ~ 2.6 ml / time / reagent data storage: 500,000 times historical data storage (full data record for more than ten years)
Data protection: abnormal alarm and power will not be lost. Data display: touch screen display and command input

Output <br /> Interface output: Standard configuration: RS232 / RS485, two 4-20mA;
Optional: wireless IoT interface, linkage control interface

Power supply <br /> AC power supply: 220 ± 22VAC, 50 ± 2.5Hz
Instrument power: average daily 50W; peak value <300W

Physical properties <br /> Size: 420 × 600 × 250mm

Environmental performance <br /> Environmental requirements: 0 ~ 40 ℃, relative humidity ≤90%, non-condensing and dew condensation External water sample: pressure: -10 ~ + 2KPa; flow rate: -1.0 ~ 0.5m / s; temperature: 5 ~ 40 ℃