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DNH electrode method ammonia nitrogen analyzer

● Drinking water source monitoring and early warning ● River water quality monitoring and early warning ● Lake and reservoir water quality monitoring and early warning

The commonly used methods for online ammonia nitrogen measurement include Nessler's colorimetric method and salicylic acid method. These methods have the disadvantages of slow reaction speed and secondary pollution of waste liquid, which cannot be used for real-time monitoring of water environment

Early warning.

DNH electrode method ammonia nitrogen analyzer uses ion selective electrode method to measure ammonia nitrogen concentration. The ammonia ion selective electrode directly detects the ammonium ion in the water environment to determine the concentration of ammonia nitrogen. Use a pH electrode as a reference electrode for better stability. The DNH ammonia nitrogen sensor is composed of ammonium ion selection electrode, K + electrode, pH electrode and temperature electrode. It is an integrated sensor. These parameters can modify each other, compensate the measured value of ammonia nitrogen, and realize multi-parameter measurement. The ammonia nitrogen analyzer can flexibly perform online calibration to further improve the measurement accuracy.

● The sensor can dynamically compensate the temperature and pH in the sample;
● No sample pretreatment is required, and the reaction analysis speed is fast;
● Does not require any reagents and no secondary pollution;
● Optional self-cleaning device to reduce maintenance;
● Reduction of reagent and maintenance costs, and extremely low operating costs.

Measuring performance

Measurement parameters: NH4-N, pH, temperature (optional K +)

Range: NH4-N: 0.1 ~ 1000mg / L pH: 0 ~ 14 Temperature: 0 ~ 50 ℃ K +: 0.1 ~ 1000mg / L

Resolution: NH4-N: 0.1mg / L K +: 0.1mg / L

pH: 0.01 Temperature: 0.1 ℃

Measurement accuracy: NH4-N ≤ ± 10% or 0.1mg / L, whichever is greater

pH: ± 0.1 Temperature: ± 0.2 ℃

K +: ≤ ± 10% or 0.1mg / L, whichever is greater

Repeatability: NH4-N: less than ± 2% pH: ± 0.1 temperature: ± 0.1 ℃

Response time: 90% of measured value within 3 minutes

Display: LCD display date, time, measured value, historical trend line, etc.

Data storage: automatic storage function, power failure data protection, can store and query 10 years of historical data

Field setting: done by the transmitter button


Analog output: 1 isolated 4 ~ 20mA, maximum load 750Ω, optional output current in fault state

Relay output: 3 programmable relays, which can be set as alarm function and timing function

Relay capacity: 2A, 250VAC

Digital interface: RS485 / MODBUS protocol

powered by

AC power supply: 85 ~ 265VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz

DC power supply: 24VDC ± 10%

Physical properties

Transmitter size: 270 × 205 × 100mm

Sensor size: Φ58 × 341mm

Material: Transmitter: ABS + PC Sensor: 316L stainless steel + POM

Connection method: R5 / 4 inch conical external thread

Environmental performance

Degree of protection: Transmitter: IP65 Sensor: IP68

Working temperature: Transmitter: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Ambient temperature: -5 ℃ ~ 50 ℃

Water sample temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ (no freezing)