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pH / ORP meter

The classic electrochemical principle is adopted for reliable measurement and stable performance. It is widely used in environmental protection water treatment, surface books, purified water, circulating water and other systems, as well as in the fields of electroplating, electronics, printing and dyeing, chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other process fields. It excels in applications such as sewage treatment, drinking water treatment, surface water monitoring, pollution source monitoring, and industrial processes.

● Outdoor waterproof design is suitable for a variety of installation methods such as wall-mounted, panel, pipe, etc .;
● Large LCM Chinese display screen, backlight off / on function;
● Graphic menu selection, with process guidance, easy to operate;
● High-performance composite electrode, the reference system is not easy to block, and it is basically maintenance-free;
● Independent reference tube to ensure that the sensor remains stable for a long time;
● Provide automatic electrode cleaning device contacts, program setting output;
● Provide solution grounding function, which can eliminate sample interference;
● With automatic calibration; manual / automatic temperature compensation function;
● The transmitter can provide isolated RS232 / RS485 digital interface and support communication protocols such as MODBUS;
● Programmable relay output: set to high alarm, low alarm, timer mode;
● With the function of automatic saving of historical data, it can store historical data information for 10 years.

Measurement performance <br style="white-space: normal;" /> Range: pH: -2.00 ~ 16.00pH ORP: -2000 ~ 2000mV Temp: -30.0 ℃ ~ 130.0 ℃
Resolution: pH: 0.01pH, ORP: 1mV Temp: 0.1 ℃
Accuracy: pH: 0.01pH ± 1Digit ORP: 1mV ± 1Digit Temp: 0.2 ℃ ± 1Digit
Temperature compensation: Pt1000 automatic temperature compensation, can be set to manual temperature compensation calibration: sample liquid calibration display: LCD liquid crystal display date, time, measured value, historical trend line, etc. Chinese and English operation menu optional data storage: automatic storage function, interrupt Electrical data protection, can store and query 10-year historical data Field setting: completed by the transmitter button

Output <br style="white-space: normal;" /> Analog output: isolated 4 ~ 20mA, the output can be programmed to correspond to pH / ORP, temperature setting relay output: 3 relays, high alarm, low alarm, timing self-cleaning Digital interface can be set: MODBUS RS232 / RS485, Profibus DP optional

Power supply <br style="white-space: normal;" /> AC power supply: 85 ~ 265VAC, 50Hz / 60Hz
DC power supply: 24VDC ± 10%

Physical properties <br style="white-space: normal;" /> Instrument size: 144mm × 144mm × 115mm (H × W × D)
Opening size: 138mm × 138mm (H × W)
Sensor size: Φ20 × 185mm
Material: Transmitter: PC + ABS Sensor: PPO + glass

Environmental performance <br style="white-space: normal;" /> Protection level: Transmitter: IP65 Sensor: IP68
Working temperature: Transmitter: -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ Sensor: 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Relative humidity: 0 ~ 95%, non-condensing Working pressure: max. 6 Bar