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  • 08-21


    Tianjian Innovation won the 2018 "China's Most Valuable Monitoring and Testing Brand"

    由上海市政工程设计研究总院、E20环境平台、同济大学环境科学与工程学院联合主办的“2019(第十一届)上海水业热点论坛 ”,于2019年8月16-17日在上海闵行区隆重召开。 "2019 (Eleventh) Shanghai Water Industry Hotspot Forum" co-sponsored by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, E20 Environmental Platform, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tongji University Shanghai Minhang District was grandly held. As a invited award-winning company, Tianjian Innovation participated in this technology conference.

    At the meeting, an in-depth analysis of the current sewage treatment quality improvement and efficiency and pipe network problems was conducted. The leakage of the pipe network was serious, the COD of the sewage plant water was low, and the slowdown in the scale of treatment had become the industry consensus. Under the new situation of the Yangtze River Protection, how can the long river system be effectively promoted? How to improve the quality of effluent and reduce cost and efficiency through upgrading and upgrading? How does sludge resource development develop? How to improve the quality of urban sewage treatment? How can the pipeline network achieve effective operation and maintenance? Wait for a series of questions.

    The upgrading of sewage treatment and the improvement of physical fitness are inseparable from the precise control of water quality indicators. And precise control needs to be built on mature monitoring technology.

    Tianjian Innovation always adheres to the development strategy of “focusing on the professional market segmentation of water system monitoring” and has long been committed to the research and development of water quality analysis technology. Provide safe and reliable technical support for water treatment and water environment monitoring.

    At the Water Forum, awards were given to companies and organizations that have made greater contributions in the industry. Tianjian Innovation (Beijing) Monitoring Instrument Co., Ltd. won the 2018-2019 "Most Valuable Monitoring and Testing Brand".

    Tianjian Innovation as "China's Leading Water Quality Sensor and Data Service Provider". The award is not only an honor of the company, but also a recognition of our colleagues in the environmental protection industry and customers.

    In the future, Tianjian Innovation will work harder to create value for customers. Insist on independent innovation and national brand. Strive to realize the Tianjian Dream of "Leading Enterprise, Beautiful China, Achievement of Employees".

  • 08-06


    2019 New Forces l "Dream Set sail and work together"

    Passion in July, the dream set sail

    Wind and rain, go hand in hand.

    Fullest enthusiasm,

    The most sincere attitude,

    Witness the most graceful Tianjian people.

    18 freshmen,

    Gathering in the ancient city of Xi'an,

    Feeling Tianjian culture,

    Learn about the most ingenious products.

    Knowing Tianjian,

    Create beautiful China together!

    Create beautiful China together!

    Recall the years

    In 17 years, Tian Jian was years old.

    Witness everyone's struggle and growth with the company.

    Since the company was founded in 2002,

    From company start-up to domestic leading,

    Mark of time,

    It's printed on every employee who works hard.

    17 years of wind and rain,

    It's the passionate leader,

    Tianjian people who have a down-to-earth career,

    Responsible for customer service and continuous improvement,

    Have a corporate mission to create a safe and healthy water environment,

    Problem-oriented and efficient team,

    Tianjian can develop rapidly,

    Fanghua Zhengmao!

    Product face to face

    After a week of theoretical study,

    In order to make

    New employees have a deeper understanding of the company's products and applications.

    The application director led the new staff to visit the wastewater treatment plant to learn.

    From the water inlet to the sedimentation tank,

    From the biochemical pond to the water outlet monitoring station,

    New employees have a better understanding of the water treatment site.

    More confidence in company products!

    Burst home run

    Create an excellent team,

    Create corporate glory.

    Tianjian's new strength inherits the spirit of Tianjian,

    Teamwork, passion

    What an unstoppable group of dragon pictures.

    Baseball game on friday,

    Together, it's wonderful.

    Everyone hit their own home run!

    Seventeen years of Tianjian development,

    Because of this team spirit

    Only lead us to a new era.

  • 06-19


    China International Environmental Protection Exhibition l Tianjian Innovation Booth "Dazzling"

    The 17th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition ended successfully at the China International Exhibition Center (Jing'anzhuang Pavilion) on June 14. As the leading water quality sensor and data service provider in China, Tianjian Innovation participated in this event.

    During the three-day exhibition, Tianjian Innovation once again won the unanimous praise of the audience and exhibitors with its leading technological advantages and good product reputation, and left a deep impression on the audience.

    The audience at the Tianjian booth was endless. The staff patiently received the customers who came for consultation, and the company's sales manager had a cordial negotiation with the customers. Not only introduced a number of front-end products of our company, but also demonstrated the solutions of Tianjian system.

    At this exhibition, Tianjian Innovation showed a total of three major monitoring areas: sewage treatment monitoring, water environment monitoring, and drinking water safety monitoring. These three areas are also the direction of Tianjian Innovation's continuous R & D and innovation for many years, and formed a series of star products with leading technology.

    Among them, the MWM monitoring and early warning station independently developed by Tianjian is very popular with visitors. The TMS-D3000 pipe network water quality analyzer, TMS-D6000 drinking water multi-parameter water analyzer, and downhole data terminal on display exhibited many viewers and The manufacturer stopped to inquire.

  • 06-04


    Lvying Award l Tianjian Innovation won the "Leader in Monitoring Instrumentation and Data Services"

    Tianjian Innovation (Beijing) Monitoring Instrument Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Leading Enterprise in Monitoring Instrumentation and Data Services" in the Green Industry Awards 2019.

    The "Twelfth China Environmental Industry Conference", co-sponsored by the Environmental Investment Alliance and the Environmental Entrepreneurs Federation, was grandly held at the Beijing Xijiao Hotel on May 30-31, 2019. As an invited award-winning company, Tianjian Innovation participated in this industry conference.

    会上就当前政策组合和督查压力给环境产业带来的市场机遇,以及经济下行,财政和企业的支付能力捉襟见肘,给环境产业带来的挑战。 At the meeting, the market opportunities brought by the current policy mix and supervision pressure to the environmental industry, as well as the economic downturn, financial and corporate capacity to pay were stretched, and challenges to the environmental industry. What is the current survival and development of environmental enterprises?

    Tianjian Innovation always regards “China's leading water quality sensor and data service provider” as its position. The award is not only an honor of the company, but also a recognition of our colleagues in the environmental protection industry and customers.

    In the future, Tianjian Innovation will work harder to create value for customers. Insist on independent innovation and national brand. Strive to realize the Tianjian Dream of "Leading Enterprise, Beautiful China, Achievement of Employees".

  • 05-31


    Tianjian case l "Two weapons" for surface water quality monitoring

    I. Water Quality Status

    In recent years, the quality of surface water is getting worse and worse, and the pollution situation is getting worse. There are many sources of these pollution, the main reasons are:

    ① Land-based pollutants. According to statistics, a large amount of domestic sewage and industrial sewage discharged into rivers and oceans each year in China reaches up to 6 billion tons. Especially in the eastern coastal areas, a large number of newly developed areas and populations gather, which brings very large local water resources and environment. pressure.

    ② Pollutants emitted by ships. During the course of the ship, a large amount of oily sewage is generated, which is very detrimental to the health of fresh water resources. And in the context of China's rapid economic growth, the number of motor ships in our country is increasing every year, and there are also a number of foreign ships entering the port, totaling hundreds of thousands, and water resources are seriously threatened.

    ③ Manually dump waste pollution. For a long time, many people have used water as the best "machine" for treating waste. All kinds of garbage and pollutants in life are all given to water for treatment. This phenomenon is very common in coastal cities such as Qingdao, Zhanjiang, Wenzhou and other places. Significantly, a large amount of living pollutants were dumped into the river and flowed into the sea, devouring human living environment little by little.

    Without effective measures, the future development of humanity will be very difficult. At the same time, the pollution of soil resources is also very serious. The main sources of pollution are agricultural emissions and infiltration of pollutants. In recent years, some radiation and pollutants have also caused pollution to the soil. These pollution sources easily enter the human body and bring great health to human health. Big hidden danger.

    ,运用有效地方法来检测、反映和控制社会环境资源,改善社会的环境和资源问题,才能够从根本上实现发展经济效益的同时兼顾到生态效益和和会效益。 The implementation of surface water quality monitoring is a very important part of the current response to environmental pollution . Only by using effective methods to detect, reflect and control social environmental resources and improve social environmental and resource issues can we fundamentally realize the economic benefits of development at the same time Take into account the ecological and social benefits.

    Application Cases

    Surface water monitoring and early warning in Songjiang District, Shanghai?

    EDP small buoy type in-situ monitoring

    Supporting: IMP integrated water quality parameter analyzer (parameters: chlorophyll, blue-green algae, conductivity, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, ph, temperature )

    Location: Songjiang District Environmental Protection Bureau, Biyun Park, Xuejiayu (river entrance), Majiayu (downstream of river junction), Wangjiaqiao (at Jinqiao Processing Zone).

    Product features: data service, APP readable, easy debugging.

    Beijing Pinggu River Section Monitoring

    MWM miniature water quality monitoring and early warning station

    Supporting: UVC1000 integrated online organic matter analyzer; DNH integrated electrode method ammonia nitrogen analyzer, integrated turbidity analyzer;

    Location: Chaoyang District Water Affairs Bureau, river channel rehabilitation, blocking coastal sewage outlets, and retreating to lower-level industries. This is a downstream monitoring station for sewage treatment plant wastewater discharge outlets, 50 meters near the substation.

    Product features: small footprint, temperature adjustment, video monitoring, timely warning.


    天健创新(北京)监测仪表股份有限公司,简称天健创新。 Tianjian Innovation (Beijing) Monitoring Instrument Co., Ltd., referred to as Tianjian Innovation. As China's leading water system sensor and data service provider, it has focused on water quality monitoring for nearly two decades.

    For the monitoring of surface water quality, “two weapons” have been created, which are:????

    1、原位监测 1, in-situ monitoring

    EDP multi-parameter water quality monitoring buoy is a set of economical water quality monitoring data acquisition platform. It is an intelligent online monitoring system composed of IMP multi-parameter integrated water quality on-line monitor, combining IoT technology, cloud computing technology and solar power technology. It is mainly deployed in coastal waters, lakes, rivers, reservoirs, and swamps for long-term monitoring of water quality parameters.

    This system has the characteristics of automatic continuous online monitoring and early warning, self-cleaning, solar power supply, wireless data transmission, no reagents, unattended, etc. It is very suitable for building an online monitoring and early warning system for water resources.

    System Features

    ● Ultra-low power consumption, using solar power, no external power required, continuous operation for more than five years;

    严酷操作环境,操作温度可达-10~60℃; Severe operating environment, the operating temperature can reach -10 ~ 60 ℃;

    无安装地点限制,不需供电电源,免配电盘、避雷器及信号转换器等; No installation site restrictions, no power supply required, no need for switchboards, arresters and signal converters;

    不需电力、电信、网络、土木、仪表配线及撰写等施工成本; No need for construction costs such as electricity, telecommunications, network, civil engineering, instrument wiring and writing;

    移动式灵活部署,快速安装、拆卸,节省人力,适合移动式监控; Mobile flexible deployment, fast installation and disassembly, saving manpower, suitable for mobile monitoring;

    可连接互联网及企业网络。 Can connect to the Internet and corporate networks.

    2. Shore station monitoring

    The WMS small water quality monitoring and early warning station uses highly integrated technology to realize the function of an automatic water quality monitoring station in a cabinet. Compared with the traditional monitoring station building, it saves the trouble of land acquisition and construction, obviously reduces the construction cost, is easy to deploy, and has low maintenance.

    System Features

    ●具有大型水站的检测能力,省占地面积; Has the detection capacity of large water stations, saving land area;

    ●柜式监测站方便安装固定,在需要时也可整体移动; Cabinet monitoring stations are easy to install and fix, and can be moved as a whole when needed;

    ● Switch between timing measurement, continuous measurement, and remote command measurement;

    ●自带温度调节可适应夏季高温与冬季寒冻; ???? With built-in temperature adjustment can adapt to high temperatures in summer and cold in winter;

    ●自动化清洗、除藻,更长的维护周期和更好 的稳定性; Automatic cleaning, algae removal, longer maintenance intervals and better stability

    ● Strong scalability, chlorophyll, blue-green algae, COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, total nitrogen optional;

    ●配合云软件远程监测、维护,实现系统运行和水质状况报警。 Cooperate with cloud software remote monitoring and maintenance to realize system operation and water quality condition alarm.