About Tianjian

About Tengine

development path

After more than ten years of precipitation, Tianjian Innovation has grown into a leading brand of water system monitoring instruments independently developed in China.


Tianjian Innovation was established

Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification

Ultrasonic Sludge Density Meter was successfully developed

Ultrasonic sludge interface instrument developed successfully



Suspended solids concentration meter successfully developed

Level gauge successfully developed

Fluorescence dissolved oxygen meter developed

Turbidimeter developed successfully



Ultrasonic slurry concentration meter was successfully developed

Developed portable concentration meter

Thermal gas flowmeter developed successfully

ISO9001 质量体系认证 Passed ISO9001 quality system certification

Tengine 品牌,取得注册商标 Established Tengine brand and obtained registered trademark



Ultraviolet spectroscopy organic matter analyzer successfully developed

Re-identified by national high-tech enterprises

Supported by Beijing Innovation Fund Project

The characterization sensor was successfully developed, and the product was fully upgraded

The company's internal magazine "Heaven and Earth" was launched

500 家污水处理厂 Accumulatively served more than 500 sewage treatment plants



China's water industry top ten domestic brands;

The water industry user satisfaction equipment brand selected by China Water Network.

Obtained Beijing High-tech Enterprise Certificate;

Water industry customer satisfaction equipment brand;

Won the best instrument supplier.



Successfully developed high-precision turbidimeter

Water resources monitoring and early warning system developed successfully

The company held a series of tenth anniversary appreciation activities

2012 年中国水质分析仪器评选推荐品牌奖” Tianjian Innovation won the " 2012 China Water Quality Analysis Instrument Selection Recommended Brand Award"



2013 年度“水之星”水务最佳服务企业”奖 Tianjian Innovation won the " 2013 Water Star" Water Service Best Service Enterprise Award

2013-2014 年度环境产业优秀设备企业水业在线监测检测领跑国内品牌企业”奖 Tianjian Innovation won the " 2013-2014 Excellent Environmental Equipment Enterprise Water Online Monitoring and Testing Leading Domestic Brand Enterprise" Award

2014-2015 年度中国最具价值环保设备品牌”奖 Tianjian Innovation won the " 2014-2015 China's Most Valuable Environmental Equipment Brand" Award



Relocation of Xi'an Branch

IMP 一体化多参数水质监测仪 Tianjian Innovative New Product Release: IMP Integrated Multi-parameter Water Quality Monitor

TMS 管网多参数分析仪 Tianjian Innovative New Product Releases TMS Pipe Network Multi-Parameter Analyzer

2015-2016 年度中国最具价值环保设备品牌环保监测检测类水质在线监测自主创新标杆品牌”奖 Tianjian Innovation won the " 2015-2016 China's Most Valuable Environmental Protection Equipment Brand Environmental Monitoring and Inspection Water Quality Online Monitoring Independent Innovation Benchmark Brand" Award

悬浮物(污泥)浓度计荣获 2016 中国好仪表称号 MLSS suspended matter (sludge) concentration meter won the title of 2016 China Good Instrument