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Water quality online monitoring solution for rivers and lakes

On April 16, 2015, the State Council formally released the "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan", which clearly proposed deepening pollution prevention and control in key river basins. Develop and implement water pollution control plans for seven key river basins. Study and establish a regional ecological management system for river basin ecological functions. By 2020, the overall water quality of the Yangtze River and the Pearl River will be excellent. The Songhua River, the Yellow River, the Huai River, and the Liao River will be further improved on the basis of light pollution, and the pollution degree of the Haihe River will be eased. The water quality of the Three Gorges Reservoir area is maintained well, and water transfer projects such as the South-to-North Water Diversion Project and the Diversion Project from Tianjin to Tianjin ensure water quality safety. The levels of eutrophication in Taihu, Chaohu and Dianchi Lakes have improved. The pollution levels of Baiyangdian Lake, Wuliangsuhai Lake, Hulun Lake, and Aibi Lake were all reduced. As a leading domestic water system monitoring solution provider, Tianjian's innovative and independent water quality monitoring solution for rivers and lakes is based on a multi-parameter water quality online automatic monitor as the core, combining IoT technology, cloud computing technology, and solar power technology. And other small water quality online monitoring systems installed in rivers and lakes. The system can realize real-time continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality, early warning and forecast of major or sudden water pollution accidents, guarantee drinking water safety for the general public, effectively improve the comprehensive capacity and management level of water resources management, and achieve water quality management towards scientific management and dynamics. The transformation of management, fine management and quantitative management provides solid technical support for achieving the "Water Ten" action goals.

Tianjian Chuangxin River Water Quality Monitoring System includes two types: buoy-type online water quality monitoring and early warning station and box-type water quality online monitoring and early warning station.

Monitoring object

Water quality monitoring of surface drinking water sources such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. Surface water quality monitoring of surface water functional areas Water quality monitoring of rivers, lakes, administrative boundaries, groundwater quality monitoring.

Monitoring elements

Water quality monitoring projects for river-type water sources include five parameters of conventional water quality (water temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen, electrical conductivity, turbidity), chemical oxygen demand, and ammonia nitrogen. In addition to the above 7 items, the lake and reservoir-type water source automatic monitoring project also includes chlorophyll and blue-green algae.

System functions

1. Real-time monitoring of water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, blue-green algae, ammonia nitrogen ions, organic matter and other parameters of water sources such as rivers and lakes and important water functional areas, and can expand other monitoring functions;

2. When the water quality monitoring data exceeds the standard, the water quality analysis equipment fails, and the on-site power supply is abnormal, it will automatically alarm;

3. With query, statistics, and analysis functions of monitoring data and alarm data, it can automatically generate statistical reports and trend curves;

4. With intelligent management functions such as real-time monitoring, remote maintenance, and remote diagnosis of field equipment;

5. Extendable remote camera or video real-time monitoring function;

6. It can integrate the control system to realize local and remote control functions for pumps, valves or other equipment;

7. The system software supports docking with other platforms to achieve multi-system linkage to quickly respond to sudden water pollution incidents.

Monitoring management software

The server software is an automatic data collection and analysis software that is compatible with all types of mobile devices. It has functions such as remote display, control, alarm overview, trend graph, statistical analysis, and report query creation.

  • IMP integrated multi-parameter water quality monitor

  • EDP buoy means monitoring and early warning station

  • UVC immersion online organic matter analyzer

  • TEM online ammonia nitrogen analyzer