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Water supply network

Solution for water quality monitoring system of water supply pipe network

From July 1, 2012, China has compulsorily implemented the new edition of the "Sanitary Standards for Drinking Water", with up to 106 new national standard detection indicators. Previously, tap water only tested the factory indicators, and the new national standard required that the peripheral water and secondary water supply also meet the standards.

From April 16, 2015, the "Water Pollution Prevention and Control Action Plan" officially issued by the State Council clearly proposes to ensure the safety of drinking water sources, and requires local people's governments at all levels and water supply units to regularly monitor, detect and evaluate drinking water in their administrative areas Water source, water supply plant effluent and user's faucet water quality and other drinking water safety conditions.

As a leading domestic water system monitoring solution provider, Tianjian Innovation has independently developed a set of online water quality monitoring system for water supply network. It can continuously and automatically monitor the water quality change of the measured water body, grasp the residual chlorine, turbidity, pH value, conductivity, temperature and other information of the water quality of the water supply network, timely detect abnormal changes in water quality, prevent water pollution accidents, and provide safe drinking water management Effective monitoring tool.

System Components

Tianjian's innovative online water quality monitoring system for water supply network consists of on-site monitoring units (analysis instruments, signal acquisition and wireless transmission), and remote data center stations. The system can realize automatic measurement, continuous acquisition, automatic transmission, visual display of data, and automatic alarm.

System functions

The main functions of the water supply network monitoring system are:

Continuous collection: 24-hour continuous online monitoring of water quality data is available;

Automatic processing: can process and store the collected data;

Automatic transmission: The data is automatically sent to the database of the monitoring platform, and a network version of data query software is provided to achieve remote data query;

Intuitive display: real-time display of instrument operating status and monitoring data and analysis results;

Automatic alarm: when the monitoring data changes greatly, the alarm can be displayed on the monitoring computer or sent to the mobile phone number set by the user.

On-site monitoring unit

Tianjian Innovation provides two types of on-site monitoring units for users to choose from. One is a discrete monitoring unit composed of three monitoring boards, which uses a high-precision turbidimeter, a trace residual chlorine / total chlorine analyzer, and a high-precision pH meter. 4 、 Conductivity meter with four polarities, higher measurement accuracy. The other is an integrated monitoring unit, which integrates a turbidity meter, a residual chlorine analyzer, a high-precision pH meter, and a four-polar conductivity meter in a meter box, which is convenient for field installation and use.

Monitoring platform software

The server software is an automatic data collection and analysis software, which is fully compatible with all types of mobile devices. It has functions such as remote display, control, alarm overview, trend graph, statistical analysis, report query creation, etc., and can be browsed and operated online from a computer and mobile phone anytime, anywhere. Provide important monitoring data for smart water management applications.