Typical Case

Typical Case

Drinking water safety monitoring

1. Beijing area

Typical representative company: Beijing Times Lingyu Technology Co., Ltd.

PH 计和高精度浊度计 MTU80 余套,用于监测石景山各医院、小区和办公大厦的进水水质。 Application project: Beijing Shijingshan Internet of Things comprehensive demonstration application; procurement instruments: integrated digital pH meter and high-precision turbidity meter MTU more than 80 sets, used to monitor the water quality of Shijingshan hospitals, communities and office buildings.

2.South China

Typical representative company: Guangxi County Water Supply Company

个现场,每个现场有采购了一套出水监测仪表,包括:数字化 PH 计、高精度浊度计 MTU 和二氧化氯分析仪。 Application items: 11 sites, each site has purchased a set of water monitoring instruments, including: digital pH meter, high-precision turbidity meter MTU and chlorine dioxide analyzer.

3. Northeast District

Typical representative company: Harbin Yuanda Automatic Control Engineering Co., Ltd.

MTU9 台、数字化 PH 2 台、余氯分析仪 3 台、激光浊度计 1 台。 Application project: Harbin Wuchang Waterworks; procurement instruments: 9 high-precision turbidity meters MTU , 2 digital pH meters , 3 residual chlorine analyzers , 1 laser turbidity meter .

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