Typical Case

Typical Case

Rivers and lakes monitoring

1. Haidian District, Beijing

Monitoring stations: Yuhe Rubber Dam, Shangzhuang Reservoir, Cuijiayao Reservoir, Discipline Inspection College, Yangliugou, Zhoujiaxiang, etc.

Monitoring instruments: LDO fluorescence dissolved oxygen meter, TPH pH meter, TCD conductivity meter, TSS immersion turbidity / suspension concentration meter

2. Fuyang City

Monitoring site: rivers in Fuyang. Huyuanxi, etc.

Monitoring instrument: five-parameter analyzer


Monitoring stations: Chongqing Central Temple, Xiangyang, Shanhuguan, Majingzi, Tangjiagou, Xinqiao, Liangcha, Longtan, Xiaoba, Xiaoxi, Hualong, Yuejin, Xiaoxi, Wanshengba, etc

Monitoring instrument: TDF acoustic Doppler point flow meter

4. Shunyi District, Beijing

Monitoring site: Shunyi Jingmi Diversion Canal to Chaobai River

Monitoring instruments: TEM online COD analyzer, TEM online ammonia nitrogen analyzer, TPH pH meter, TSS immersion turbidity, suspended matter concentration meter, TDF acoustic Doppler point flow meter

  • Yuhe Rubber Dam

  • Fuyang Water Quality Monitoring

  • Chongqing Reservoir

  • Shunyi Jingmi Diversion Canal