About Tianjian

About Tengine

Tianjian Innovation


I. Enterprise vision

The world's leading provider of water system monitoring solutions

Corporate Mission

Creating a Safe and Healthy Water Environment

3. Enterprise Development Strategy

Focus on professional market segments for water system monitoring

Fourth, the corporate goals

Leading company, beautiful China, employee achievement

Five, the essence of corporate culture

Management, learning, innovation

Enterprise spirit

Virtuous self-improvement

Seven, the company's core values

Respect, be different

Responsibility, the foundation

Innovation, create value

Brand meaning

Meaning of Tianjian Innovation Brand : , Surging motivation.

engine含义:引擎,发动机; Tengine就是澎湃动力,是激情、是力量、是创造。 T meaning: to a T perfectly; precisely; engine meaning: engine, engine; Tengine is surging power, passion, power, and creation.

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